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2016-05-29 11:34:05 by Sprunkochunk62



2015-10-07 21:50:49 by Sprunkochunk62

As you may have guessed, im not very good at keeping commitments, so, ya. Dont expect anything big from me.

Holloween is comming!

2015-10-03 12:22:24 by Sprunkochunk62

Ok, so Holloween is coming soon, and I found this really cool thing on Instagram called "draw holloween", were you draw a Hollween object each day of the October month. So now I finally have a reason to post on here.


2015-09-21 19:14:01 by Sprunkochunk62

I just want everyone to know im still alive. Sorry for being so inactive.

School update

2015-08-29 15:44:21 by Sprunkochunk62

So far I've mannaged my time pretty well. With the way my schedule is right now, I think I'll have a pretty decent amount of time to update and post. So ya, school update. Short and sweet.


2015-08-24 18:45:40 by Sprunkochunk62

What should I draw a picture of?  :B

As you may have guessed from my spazing out, I will be starting school in about two weeks. Because of this, I won't be able to post as often as I'd like to. I promise I will not forget about the few fans that I posess, and will try to keep up-to-date with my art. Lucky for you guys I doodle ALOT at school, so you may get some very intersesting art posts.:B

 As of late, I've been experementing with lots of different art styles .  I've been having a hard time finding a style I like and sticking with it, so... ya. If you guys could give me your opion on what kind of art you like, that would be pretty sweet.





2015-08-10 21:32:22 by Sprunkochunk62

Beacuse trains.


                                       Valardos killed Cosmickittygal567 with a critical miss.

                                                      Valardos asked me to marry him.

                                                  Valrdos became the king of the carrots.

                                                       Valardos only ever got 1 critical.

                                          Valrdos got that critical on a zombie with 1 hp.

                                I n the end, Valardos killed the dragon that we failed to kill.

       (Tell about something stuipd/funny that happened while you were playing pathfinders in the comments)